California Prop 65

So, the other day I was looking for a new laptop bag. My precious one that I love finally gave out on me. :-(  As I was looking … I looked at the tag and saw this: 

Have you heard about California Prop 65? I was like OMG and I went to look at others and several others had that warning on it! Then I started to wonder… how many more products we buy daily have these warnings on them or not!?!?

Last year, while shopping for materials for my business…looking to make tutu skirts. I saw a similar warning on a package of supplies I bought and took home. When I opened the package is when I saw the warning. The warning didn’t have California Prop 65 anywhere on it… it just said: Chemical used to make this product may cause birth defects and cancer, etc. You also could not see the warning until you open the complete package. I was floored! Like seriously? I threw the product away because you couldn’t return it and I was not going to use that on my clothing to give to people knowingly. Then, I thought WOW….how many people actually purchase this stuff with these type labels and don’t care and just use them anyway without telling people? Sigh. Then, over the last month or so looking for products to stock up my inventory for my business. I went to a new store that just opened up in my neighborhood. At first, I was excited to have a store near me to get supplies from and I didn’t have to drive all over town to get supplies or order them online. So, I was excited until I went inside and saw the products were not up to my standard and saw this label on many of their products that they had for sale but not wholesale. :-( I was like WOW. Really!?!? 

I was Thankful on one hand that there’s at least had the California Prop 65 Warning on it. So, I could do some research !! I then thought to myself WOW… we wonder why people are getting sick and having cancer more and more… it’s because of these chemicals. From my research, it appears to be everywhere. So, we could be purchasing things, using things, eating things and not even know that it has these chemicals in it that could possible cause some Health issues to our body. I was just shocked again! Like WOW… when I looked it up online! 

Thank God for the Internet!

Back in my military days is when I started checking labels after getting one too many bad [spoiled] food. So, whenever I go to the grocery store. I read labels for expiration dates and to see what’s in it, etc. I read those labels but never did I really thought I would have to read labels to buy other stuff too much. Just WOW. So, if you haven't heard about California Prop 65. Now you have and I challenge you to look at stuff before you buy and see what you find out. Interesting. 

Here are a few articles you should look into:

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