Dating: Going to the Other Side

***If you are sensitive, you may want to leave this post now. Sorry.***

Friend: Have you ever thought about going to the other side?

Me: Girl, are you serious. I would NEVER go to the other side. I think that's disgusting. Like, I don't understand why would people want to do that...just ewww. Do you know that's against my beliefs? (Thinking why would she ask me this...didn't make any sense... she knows, I am a Believer of Christ and so on...)

Friend: Lol. The other side, as in dating white men. I wasn't talk about dating women...girl NO... Lol. 

Me: Oh because GIRL I was about to say... Lol. Oh, I don't have a problem with being with someone of another race. I don't see color with people.

This was a funny conversation, I had with a friend a few weeks ago. I didn't catch on to what she was referring too because I never looked at ones color as an issue when dating. So, when she said the other side. I automatically assumed she must be talking about me dating a woman. I've never done that and I have NEVER had an interest in doing that. I don't find that appealing at all. I have always desired MEN and to me it doesn't matter what race. If, we find each other attractive and connect that's what matters to me. So, ladies and men don't limit your dating to only dating people the same color as you. Be open to getting to know people of all races; it can be a beautiful experience. You just never know what may come from it. Meanwhile, I am happy for EVE as she married her love recently!

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