Do Men Ever GROW Up?

Do men ever grow up? Is a question several females have asked me lately. I'm not a male. So, I can only answer that question from my experience with men. After all the negative responses across Social Media this past weekend in regards to Father's Day, the answer would be I guess not. A lot of bitter angry people out there hurt from the immaturity in men. Immaturity meaning men who walked out on their families, men who weren't around, men who were abusive, men who are irresponsible and so on. I went to the grocery store Saturday evening and the workers were telling me how quiet the store had been all day and people were not in a good mood in regards to Father's Day... it had a negative vibe. While I was shopping, I had noticed the store was pretty empty and it's usually really packed around Holiday's etc. It was very interesting to say the least, it spoke volume.

These women on the other hand are dealing with men; who are father's of their children or their dating. Dealing with immature men, who you are married to and/or the father of your children. Oh, the horror because you're stuck with them for life in those cases. I'm saying a special prayer for you NOW believing in a miracle. :-)

In those type cases, it can be very frustrating. No one wants to be married to a child. No one wants to have to constantly tell someone what they need to be doing. That's draining. A responsible individual will know that they need to take responsibility for their household and do what's required as an adult for their family. No one would need to remind them of that or tell them of that because a responsible person will take action. A responsible person will also make wise decisions and if they are unsure about the decisions that need to be made - they will do research and/or seek advice from someone else in that area.

From the dating perspective, I've had some real winners! *Sarcastically speaking* Very immature men... which is why I am single! I'd say I am mature for my age. I do not think like the average 30 year old woman. Heck, if you watch those reality shows I don't behave or think like those women who are in their 40's either. So, when one is mature. It makes it really hard to deal with immature people and the way they think and act can be very irritating! In dating or being in a relationship, men will typically treat you by what you allow. So, if you allow them to get away with something the first time. They will try again if they get away with it again; they are going to keep doing it. They will think it's okay, to treat one like such. Then when you get married, you want them to change. What's wrong with that picture? You shouldn't have accepted that behavior from the start, if you were not cool with it. As a woman, we have to set realistic standards and don't allow men to treat us any kind of way. When we raise our standards, the type of men we will attract will rise as well. **Cheers to raising standards!**

From what I have seen, some of these immature men come from single parent household. Not all but some of them do or they had no positive male figures in their lives. So, they fell through the cracks and became by-products of their environments. Then you have spoiled men; meaning their parent or parents bought them everything they ever wanted. So, they don't know what it's like to get things on their own and do for themselves because they always have had others that would do for them. Which turns them into lazy men. Then you just have simply lazy men; who just do not want to grow up. Just lazy for no good reason.

I ran into a old male buddy a few weeks back. I asked him how was his dating life. He said it was GREAT because he realized being single is wonderful...all he has to worry about is himself. He said, all that time he was pursuing females and trying to get married. He realized, he should wait and enjoy his youth and singleness and look to settle down in his mid 30's. By that time he should be ready for that life and the responsibility that comes along with it. In my eyes, that is being responsible. Not playing with anyone's heart, not putting yourself in situations, that you are not ready for. Just simply focusing on your career and getting yourself ahead. Which is a very smart move. By doing so he will be prepared for marriage and a family. I've known him for a few years. So, I can attest that he is responsible, mature and a Man of God. He also comes from a two parent household.

So, that brings me to this statement. What I have noticed over the last couple of years within the church. Men who are really living for God in their lives... like really living by the Word of God. Not playing but really living by the Word of God, tend to be a lot more mature. Then, those who just pop in church; every, so often to say "Hi Jesus" and bounce. That's my observation from the really Saved Men.

How can a young man keep his way pure?
By guarding it according to your word.
With my whole heart I seek you;
let me not wander from your commandments!
Psalm 119: 9-10 ESV 

So, the answer to the question. Do Men ever Grow Up? I believe they do when they realize the value of their lives and those that they affect. I believe that men who really give their lives to Christ and live by the word of God will grow up because as they grow in Christ; they will mature in Him as well.

Key things to note: A mature man will take care of his family. He will be a provider, a protector, the backbone to his family. He will not make unkept promises. He will not make excuses. He will not step outside of his marriage. He will not abandon his family.  A mature man will admit to his mistakes and will seek help to correct the mistakes. A mature man will not want to live an unbalanced life.

In our communities, there is definitely a need for MEN, to GROW up, to STEP up and BE positive role models; in the lives of their children and those around them. It's time for a change.

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