My Life Responsibilities

So, what do I have going on is the question on some mind's. They ask: Coasta, what are you doing now that your kid is away for the summer? As if, I don't have a life outside of being a Mom. Ha. Wrong. Lol. I know some of them meant nothing by it but some people do actually think that. Maybe because they are not doing anything other than being a parent OR maybe because I don't post much of my personal life outside of my kid on Social Media like others do of their daily activities. Who knows.

The thing is I may post a lot of stuff online but I don't post EVERYTHING that I am doing because I do like my privacy to some degree. I also, don't take pictures everywhere I go because I actually like to enjoy my time doing whatever it is I am doing; instead of grabbing my phone and posing to take pictures every 5 seconds, etc. When I do get the chance to Volunteer at places. I focus on that and a lot of times at these places... you are not allowed to take pictures for privacy concerns. Then because I have had stalker issues in my past. I don't like posting where I'm at and what I'm doing just incase some looney toon may be out there following my every move. When I do post up some things of places I have been. I'm typically leaving the place or have left the place. Security measures.

BUT trust and believe being a parent is not my only mission in life. I am a PERSON too. I enjoy doing many things. I also have to take care of me and do things for myself. I have goals and dreams that I want to see come to pass; that I work on. In which, in this season, I am going to be putting my focus on working extra hard on my dreams and goals to come to pass!

Above is a picture of things that are my top priorities, my responsibilities. Besides being a Mom, those things above are a lot to keep up with. Outside of that list, I was helping others with their projects recently and whew. That was a bit much. So, going forward I am focusing more on things I need to accomplish for myself. If I continue to dedicate what little free time I do have to that of others and their projects. I will never reach my goals because I would have used up all of my time and energy on other things and have none for myself. Though, it isn't bad to help must be prayerful in that regard. Ask God, if its something you should do. He will surely tell you. What I have learned in my situations is sometimes the help is just to help them get started and teach them some new things. It's not always long-term. 

Below are some things that are my current focus outside of being a Mom:

I am really going to be working on losing at least 30lbs. That is my weight lost Challenge for myself. I give myself SIX months to accomplish this goal at the rate of losing 5lbs a month. My reasons: One because I just want to make sure I stay in good health. Two I want to look good for me. Three I want to look good for my future husband. ;-) Four I want to look good on my book cover - as the whole world will see it. Five because I deserve to look and feel good. So, this will require some strict sticking to a workout plan and eating the right type of foods for my body. I've noticed over the years my body is so not like everyone else. What others do and love to eat to get healthy - is so not me. So, my regime will be different than theirs and that's okay. We are all built differently and have different likes and dislikes and what works for some don't always work for others.

CLI Ministry School: I am currently enrolled in four classes. Oh, the struggle to keep up with all of that with all that my life entails is very challenging... BUT I will make sure I stick with it and complete this program. So, that I can be better equipped to go out and Save Souls for Christ! 

I have a Full-time Job! Yes, I work Monday - Friday 40 hours a week. I don't have much to say about that except for it's a stable paycheck that I am Thankful to receive. Until doors are open to where I can provide for my family doing something with a purpose and that I love. I will continue to march my little self there.

I serve (Volunteer) inside of my Church and do what I can there. I am a Children's Church teacher and teach the 4th & 5th Graders, which I love and pray to get better and better each time I show up.

I am working on two books currently. I don't have a release date as of yet but I want them to both be well written. As, I want it to be a blessing to every eye that sees it. So, I want to take my time with it as it is precious to me. One book will be an Autobiography; the other a Self Help book for married women...based off of my previous experience (highlighting the positives I learned), etc. Right now, I only see two books but some people who have known me forever see more in my future. We shall see what the future holds in that regard. I will never say never. Since I love to write these days! Lol. :-)

Social Media Ministry well if you are reading this blog post... you probably have read some of my other blog postings and maybe following me elsewhere on Social Media. Thank You for your Support!  Well, in Social Media world my goal is to inspire, encourage and share Jesus with all that I can. I will soon start recording little short videos and post them up on Youtube as well. I realized that I have a different audience on each platform and it appears I reach more on some than I do others. Nonetheless, I don't do anything for applause BUT to share the Gospel and to help heal people all around the world. That's my goal. I will also try to post more blog posts as I can here. I love to bake/cook. So, I will post up some new recipes when I try them and as I continue to learn to sew I will try to post up little projects in that regard too.

I also have a business: Coasta Mi that is registered with the state of Georgia. My mission with Coasta Mi in the retail setting is to provide inspirational fashion accessories and clothing; that will inspire and encourage people all around the world. My ultimate goal with a certain percentage of the funds from the sales of my products is to be able to provide basic necessities for those in need and provide services to help build up people. I've learned in recent months that just because God has given you a vision for something that it can take months or even years for it to fully manifest. For everything, there is a time and season. Due to all that I have going on I honestly can't give it the undivided attention it needs. So, I have taken a step back from the retail aspect of it; to focus more on other things. Meanwhile, I am continuing to do research and putting my designs together, etc. So, that it will be prosperous in all the areas it should; in it's season.

Finally, outside of those things I have to respond to messages, comments and prayer requests I receive via social media and by phone. I also counsel others as needed. So, just because all you see me posting is inspirational things doesn't mean I am not working on other things. I am quite busy outside of Social Media. My life is pretty full ... to the point I do wonder at times... how will I find the time to entertain a man. Ha. Well, I don't want to be single forever that is NOT my desire! So, when that time comes. I WILL make the time for that special somebody!

Now you have a glimpse of my life responsibilities! So, don't think just because a person doesn't share everything online; that they have nothing going on. I've learned that it's best to keep some things to yourself. So, you can Stay Focused because not everyone supports you in your goals. So, it's best to just do your thing and let them see the results afterwards. Less distractions. Much love and respect to you all.
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