Back to School: Social Media Break

Hey Loves!

Sorry for being MIA on the blog. Many things outside of the internet world... have been going on the last few weeks. I was sick… then I had to recover and get caught up on all of my stuff. Then, I have been working to get my business going and making moves in that regard. Being an Entrepreneur is a lot of work…especially when you still work a full time job! On the other side, when you can say good-bye to your day job and just work for yourself full time… oh the blessing in that… if you do it all correctly. That’s the goal for me! I have added my Coasta Mi store to the right of this blog… you will see a tab in the sidebar – which will take you to my online store. No products inside just yet…but they are coming soon.

Recently, I finished my Fashion Retail program. I took that course…to give me knowledge on running and operating my business correctly. I’m still in Ministry School and working on several other things to be better in all I do and to finish things that I have started.

With that being said…with my kid being back home and his school being back in session (Aug 4). I have to make sure I am balancing all of my responsibilities correctly. So, next month I will be less Social and I will be taking a break from Social Media on all of my accounts over the next month. As I get my life in order and work towards being a better person, Mommy and make for a better future for me and my child.

::Single Mom Moment:: 

I realize that being a Single Parent is one of the hardest things to be…well for me. Though a lot of people put a lot of emphasis on the financial aspect of having to finance everything on your own. That is one issue…but the biggest issue in being a Single Parent is the Physical demands it requires. Being the only one caring and being their for your child(ren). Making sure you make it to important School events and other type events/activities your child is affiliated in. Making sure you are spending enough time with them on a regular basis – while still making sure you are able to provide for them. Being a parent comes with a lot of responsibility.

My kid said to me yesterday: Mom you are always working. When are you going to have some fun?

That bothered me…He was concern that I don't do a lot of fun stuff because I'm always working and he was right. I am always working; working to make for a better life for us. Though, we do fun stuff together and go places but when he has long breaks from school. I am unable to spend a lot of time with him during those times because I am working. My vacation days: I rarely use for actual vacation because I save them to Volunteer at his school, for sick days, for emergency situations, for doctor appointments, for snow days, etc. So, I don’t use my Vacation days for actual Vacation. Sacrifices one make to ensure child needs are met.


I share my life and stories with you all when I feel led too. So, that you make SMARTER choices in your life, that you are ENCOURAGED and knowing that you are not alone. I hope that all I share blesses you in some way.

Over the next month, I will be putting forth more effort in my life to be able to live life like I would like to and to have balance over everything.

In my absence, I will be praying for my Social Media family. If you need encouragement feel free to check out my Social Media accounts; all icon to reach them is in my sidebar. If you need specific prayers; feel free to email me at Otherwise, I will see you all in September 2014.

May God continue to bless you in your lives. Until next time… Peace.


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