Conquering Hell in High Heels

Saturday morning, I went to the 2014 Conquering Hell in High Heels. At this event, there were a lot of just broken women. Sitting next to them and hearing the conversations around me. I just thought to myself. Man, I see why I cannot quit and why others who have a story need to share their stories. When you have experience certain things in life; you can easily detect those spirits in other people. You see it. I also see why the need for those who are called into Ministry ought to get up and fulfill their calling. There is such a BIG demand... So, many lost souls out there. So, many that need SAVING. 

I wore this shirt that said: Beautiful. I found it funny that I picked that shirt to wear to this event. The theme was: Beautifully Broken. People kept telling me that I was Beautiful. My shirt said Beautiful. I literally thought to myself about the time when I was Broken and when I didn't think I was Beautiful. I have come a long way! Praise the Lord! Amen!

I purchased a few goodies....sowing into others and their Ministry/Business.

CHHH T-shirt, tote, pearl braclet and Love album by Deborah Hightower.

Here is a picture of me before I left home Saturday morning to attend this event. I felt so pretty in this picture. Although, I was really tired. I was on Cloud 9 from my experience at the Benny Hinn's service.The power of the Holy Spirit is just so Awesome! Thankful for GROWTH! :-)

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