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Last week, I had the pleasure of going to the Grand Opening of Fig & Flower on behalf of Kokoa Magazine. An article will be posted later this month there. Be sure to check it out. Overall, it was a great experience. The place was inviting the prices were reasonable. Everyone was allowed to test the products and even try their Healthy drinks. I tried the Green flavored. Um, I didn’t like it but it was Healthy. The gentlemen in charge of the drinks said: That’s the healthiest drink here. I was like I’m sure it is. I’m sure it is. Me don’t like Healthy drinks! Lol. I kid. I like the ones that have more fruits in them and well fruits that I eat. :-)

I also had an opportunity to meet with the owners both Blair Wagoner & Sara Lamond; to find out a little more about what the store had to offer and their future plans. Both ladies were very friendly and willing to assist in all ways that they could. They have a great and exciting future ahead of them with Fig & Flower; this is just the beginning! Read more about them and why they started Fig & Flower here.

Personally, I’ve been changing up a lot of things over the last few years in my diet and products I use. Looking for more Natural items, etc. So, this store is PERFECT for such cause. They had items for Women [cosmetics], Baby, Household cleaners, Hair & Skin care and even products for Men. Yep, even products for men. That was a plus. I was really impressed with their collection. I have a close friend who’s Vegan. So, when he comes for a visit. I know where to take him.They also gave everyone a gift bag with samples to try out the products.

So, if you are looking for natural products for your skin. Or if you have allergies to gluten and other chemicals this store is the perfect solution for such cases. They have chemical free and gluten free products, etc. Go check them out. If you are not local check out their items and shop online at If you are local, I’m sure they would love to see your pretty face. Their address is: 636 N. Highland Avenue | Atlanta, GA 30306

Here are some pictures from the Grand Opening:

Blair Wagoner & Sara Lamond pictured with me.

Inside gift bag Product Samples

Inside gift bag Product Samples

Healthy drinks

Some of the Men products.

Skin Care

Bath & Body


Hair Care

Home Care

Mom & Baby

Outdoors Skin Protection

Bar & Soap

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