Alexander McQueen

I received an email the other day to check out Alexander McQueen's New Season Collection! So, I went and did some Internet Window Shopping! :-) Do you ever go window shopping in the mall? When I was younger in my late teens; early 20's. Whenever, I would get really upset. I would go window shopping to look at nice pretty things. That made me feel better and every once in a while I would pick up one nice item. :-) Nowadays, when I am window shopping in the Mall it's for research - to check out the designs and look at the fabrics and all that good stuff. Just looking at the quality of things, etc. BUT I do window shop via the internet for pleasure. :-)

So, here are my choices from Alexander McQueen's Autumn Collection:

Love this clutch!!

Cropped Felt Cape

Double Breasted Draped Detail Jacket

Double Buckle Boot

Leopard Pixel Ruffle Skirt

Ruffle Peplum Top

Spike Studded Padlock Bucket Bag - I love this bag minus the skull!

VNeck Velvet Insert Jacket

Pictures are from the actual site!

Shop Alexander McQueen's Collection by clicking here!

New York Fashion Week starts tomorrow! I will post my favorites over the next couple of weeks on Wednesday's! :-)

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