Giving Your Money Away

Everywhere you go. Someone is asking for money. On the streets. In the church. At School. At the Job. In the store. Family/friends. Social Media. I mean goodness. 

Yes, money is needed in everyone of our lives. There is no question about that but when is enough enough? 

Nowadays, to raise awareness about certain diseases/programs, etc. You have people doing all types of challenges on Social Media; to not only raise Awareness but to collect money from people all across the world for their organization. Nothing wrong with that but are all these organization legit and for the right purpose and not some get rich scheme? Do people research to see what their money will be used towards? Where it is going? Or are they just following the crowd because it's the thing to do? 

With the internet comes Social Media, you have people messaging or posting on your wall asking for money to help in their situation. I'm like do I know you? How can I trust if I were to give you money that you aren't trying to rip me off? Especially, when dealing with foreigners. I think some of them believe Americans are rich and can afford to give to everyone. Nothing against them but sending money to another country outside of the USA. These days, you have to be EXTREMELY careful because you don't know if you will be caught up in some Money Laundering scheme or funding some terrorists activity. Just keeping it real! 

When I was in High School and had my first job. I would have a certain percentage of my money come out of my paycheck every week; to donate to a charity. Over the years, I have donated to plenty of organizations. Clothes, Books, Furniture pieces, dishes, shoes, food, money, etc. The one thing I didn't do over the years is keep a record of it all. I just always told people I didn't need a tax receipt because I didn't believe in writing it off because when I give; I give from my heart. 

Now that I have a business and growing and understanding the importance in keeping a receipt. I'm going to start collecting receipts. 

However, these days so many people are asking for money. I'm like Hold Up, wait a MINUTE! Do I look like an ATM Machine!? Can you not see I am a Single Parent? I am in the beginning stages of starting MY Business...that's not cheap! I have my own life to fund. I can't be giving all my money away... what will I have to feed my family and take care of my responsibilities? 

Therefore, I am learning more and more to say NO. No because I cannot afford to give to every person or organization who ask for money. No because I don't support every charity/organization that's out there. No because I have a life to live and responsibilities to take care of. No because everyone is not going to use the money properly. AND the biggest NO because I just don't feel led to spiritually. These days, putting everything else aside I focus more on if I am led to give because I know if God is telling me to give. I should give, no questions asked...

So, in saying all of this: be mindful in your giving! Give when spiritually led to give and for the right reasons! Also even if you are not going to file/claim it on your taxes. Get a tax receipt just for your records; for extra security.

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