Do You Use Sex Toys?

Person: Do you use Sex Toys?
Me: No

The person, asked this question because of me telling them about my no sex before marriage commitment. They were like well that’s awesome but... you don’t use any toys, you don’t touch yourself, you don’t think about it?

I’m human! Of course, I think about sex and in the beginning it was tough and when I was in a brief relationship within the last year or so it was a little tough…but lately it’s been smooth sailing. BECAUSE I’ve been so busy with my projects and my responsibilities. I have not been thinking much of it at all. Plus, I stay away from things (songs, shows/movies, people) that would make me think of it. I’m a single gal; gotta keep my mind on the right track here!

I will admit within the last year – I did engage in some texting that was not good. We didn’t use sex terms but it was playing in that area… with our minds and our thinking. So, I put that all to a halt because it wasn’t right! It felt wrong. We were kosher with it all but still. It wasn’t right. I thought about things I say to people. So, that conviction -> I had to let that go… it wasn’t long and ongoing but for a brief little bit. I’m telling you when God see’s you drifting towards an area you shouldn’t. Oh, boy will He get you back on track! He sure will. He will remind you of His word. His Truth. I don’t want to miss my trip to Heaven because of my selfish fleshy desires. So, not worth the cost to me. So, no to sexting or any type of texting that is encouraging unrighteous behavior!

The moment you start thinking about that stuff. It can take over. Like literally take over your day… That’s all you will think about. AND I have way too many things to take care of then to be consume with that thinking. Especially, not being married and all… oh, the torture!

Continuing the discussion I had with the person. I told them: I did purchase one years ago when I said I was going to be celibate but later failed… my thinking back then was - whenever I had an urge just use the toy. A couple friends had suggested it. Ha… obviously they were not bible thumping walking with Christ friends. Ha.

One problem with that was… I was embarrass to go purchase one. At that particular time in my life, I had only set foot into an Adult store once and that was to purchase a porno movie for my then boyfriend; who was stationed overseas. I was never into porno's. I didn’t watch them. So, I didn’t know what to get and I felt VERY uncomfortable going into that store. So, I had a female friend who was into that stuff and knew him to go with me.

So, when I did get a toy. I purchased it online because I was not going to risk someone seeing me coming out of that store. Ha. I used it a few times and it just felt weird! Like really weird. I was like who likes having sex with themselves. This is awkward. So, I eventually threw it away because I felt uncomfortable using it. I was like if I’m going to have sex. I’m going to need to have the REAL DEAL aka a MAN. I can’t be using no toy or play with myself. It just all felt weird/awkward to me.

So, NO to the toys and the act of masturbation. The desire of wanting to have sex does come across my mind every now and then but I don’t let it consume my every thought. Instead, I think of something else or I may briefly think of how fun it will be when I do get married. Ha. Oh, the joys! I’ll be singing VICTORY TODAY IS MINE! LOL

BUT on a serious note - whenever I think about it. I just start thinking of something else to take my mind off of it. Like for every negative thought; I think of something positive, etc.☺

I'm going to remain celibate until marriage. I'm almost to my 2 year anniversary in that regard! Yes, Lord!♥ #ShePrays

Flee from sexual immorality. Every other sin a person commits is outside the body, but the sexually immoral person sins against his own body.
1 Corinthians 6:18 ESV 

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