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As I get older, the search is more difficult to find shoes I like because I am very picky. Plus, when I do like them; it has to be a comfortable fit. So, I try on EVERY shoe I purchase.  So, don’t look for me to purchase shoes online. Not happening. Unless, its an additional pair with the same company and the same style but why would I want to do that. Lol. With my feet being a flat, wide size 10! They are only a few particular brands that will fit my lovely feet comfortably. So, that makes it very difficult to shop for shoes. One department store I like to shop for shoes is MACY’S! Love them. ❥ ❥ They normally have a bigger stylish shoes selection; to choose from for big feets like myself.

Normally, I would choose this one particular brand that I am accustomed to wearing. They will remain nameless…since they do not work for me anymore. I love the styles in most of their shoe collection. However, a size 10 which is my shoe size. I find it to be uncomfortable lately when trying on shoes for that particular brand and when a size 11 is available. It’s too big. Just doesn't fit my feet right.☹ Granted, I could possibly get the shoe fixed to wear it would fit me. Either purchase the size 10 and pay for them to stretch it out to fit my feet BUT why do all of that and spend even more extra money. When there is a chance you can find a pair that fits perfectly.

So, over the weekend. I went to Macy’s Department store to look for some black shoes. The sales associate, saw my struggle and asked a few questions and she came back with two pairs of Black Marc Fisher pumps; a size 10 and a size 11. I tried on the size 10 first and BAAM it fit perfectly! I was surprised! I Thanked her for helping me. Then, I looked at the shoes and saw who they were by and said well Marc Fisher, looks like you have a new customer in me. Sold.

What I love about this shoe is… it’s simple, it's black. No really it’s black. It’s not all shiny with that patent stuff. Though, I've owned shiny shoes. I so hate those type of shoes. I really do. What I also like about these pumps they are not too high. They were just the right height for everyday use; without, causing injury. 4"

If you have big feet like myself. Which brands do you shop? Please share below.

Check out Marc Fisher here

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