Social Media Marketing

If you have a blog, a business, a ministry, a product or service. You probably have a social media account.

I'm in several groups on facebook and it seems all I see in my Newsfeed all day long is: No ones looking at my posts. I don't have a lot of likes, followers, engagement, etc. Help! 

I'm in different types of group with people from all around the world, different background, economical status, etc. Very diverse. So, it seems to be an issue across the board. Where everyone is concern about increasing their likes, their views on their sites, increasing their followers on Social Media etc. Though, there is nothing wrong with wanting an increase in numbers. It just seems like that's all people are concern about. People are paying companies to get them higher numbers in likes/followers. Companies that look for people to promote their brand online - look for high numbers in followings, likes, etc. So, it's pretty obvious why the high numbers are important. I get it.

BUT I feel although... having high numbers is a big deal. I think some people are overly obsessing about it. It's like if they don't have high numbers they want to quit. They don't want to post anything to their page/profiles, etc. Like if they don't get their way; they don't want to do it anymore. Some people are depressed over it. So, it's messing with their mind; making them feel unimportant. Making them feel like their efforts is useless.

On facebook, some people complain that because of all of the changes on facebook it has affected their views. Though, that may be true but I still see people who still have thousands of views, likes, gaining followers and a lot of engagement on their profiles/pages AND they are not a celebrity yet. That tells me if you are posting things that interest people and that they can connect with; consistently, they will follow your brand with no problem. People follow people they want to follow. They request updates and subscribe to receive email updates for brands they want to follow and receive information from...

Another issue, I am seeing is people are too glued to Social Media. Like people live on their phones, tablets and computers. I mean do people not market outside of the internet world anymore. They're thousands of people who aren't even on Social Media that could potentially be customers but are you marketing to them? or is your focus solely on what you can do online?

Yes, Social Media/the internet is a BIG deal and we should market on it and have a presence online but we shouldn't be so obsessed with it that we forget to actually live and get out and explore life outside of Social Media. We shouldn't forget to market to others outside of Social Media or the internet. We should work on building up our connections with those in our neighborhoods. Making our brand/presence known among our communities. By doing so will allow the opportunity for even more people to know our brand and connect with us.

The biggest step in building up our audience is connecting with people. In order to reach others, we need to be able to connect with them. We connect with people by participating in activities not just google hangouts, twitter parties and all that stuff online but actually within our communities. We get out and volunteer, attend local events and interact with people, etc. By building relationships, with those in our communities it will help give our brand more exposure. Which will more than likely equal more followers, etc.

We want to make sure we have something of value to offer. People follow those who offer them something that they need or desire. What is it that you have to offer?

We also want people to follow our brand that are honestly interested in our brand or what we have to offer. We don't want to have to pay people to follow us. Followers who truly support and believe in our brand; will share our brand naturally to their network of friends and family. That is what we call "Word of Mouth" Marketing and it is FREE and the best marketing tool ever because when people believe and trust in a brand - they promote it to those they know. Those who learn about our brand through others; will trust that it is a good brand and will check it out and more than likely become a new customer. Those are the type of people we want following us. Not paid followers.

I have checked out the Social Media accounts for some well known Designers and/or talented people. Well known brands; well known Ministers or people of the likes and some of them don't have millions of followers or even hundreds of likes on their status updates either. Some of them barely have 200-300 people following them but you know what; they are still effective and their brand doesn't just stop on Social Media it's bigger than Social Media.

So, instead of putting all of our attention on how many likes/followers we have. We need to focus more so on the QUALITY of our services and/or products, etc. As well as, getting more involved in our local communities; which, in return will bring more exposure to our brand. Making our brand bigger than Social Media.

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