2014 Final Thoughts

Today, is the last day of the year! Praise the Lord YOU and I made it! Let’s just stop right there and give GOD PRAISE because many didn’t make it to see TODAY and many will not make it to see that clock strike 12:00 am tonight!


It’s been a great and tough year for myself. Things didn’t go exactly how I planned and that’s good and bad. There were a lot of setbacks, physical injuries to my body literally, financial setbacks, sickness… you name it – it probably happened. Then they were breakthroughs, completions, blessings, new beginnings, new visions and healings that manifested. The GOOD outweighed the bad!

I awoke one morning after being sick and what came into my spirit was: You tried to kill me but God is going to use it for good.

Lots of things happened that really dampened my spirit BUT when I am weak HE IS STRONG.

Yesterday, my day started off scary. I wasn’t sure what would happen and I was like Lord REALLY? Now? Are you serious? Do you think I am this strong!?

BUT when I am weak, He is STRONG and Praise the Lord through PRAYERS of Faith. God turned that whole situation around.

That situation and conversations, that took place because of that particular situation gave me confirmation for my next phase of life and what is required of me and what I need to do.

It also confirmed to me that: God will use every situation we encounter for His good.

This Year, I learned:
New strengths.
New things about Ministry.
More about who I am.
That I am truly more than a conqueror through Christ Jesus.
That I cannot help everybody and everybody does not want to be helped.
That just because I can do it doesn’t mean I should.
That I’m not a blogger who will have a post for every day of the week but I will write when I have something of importance to say. ;-)
That you have to keep going no matter what. No matter what the enemy throws your way because there will be TONS of distractions.

This year, I have grown apart from many people that were once close and dear to my heart. In that growth, I gained new relationships.

In the Fall, I was accepted into this Sales Training program. During this program, we were broken into teams; to compete against others. My team selected me to represent my Team and we won. Through that process, it showed me how much more I am capable of accomplishing; which made me raise the bar on my goals.

Last month, I was accepted into a Free Entrepreneurship program for Veterans that will begin in Jan and go through April 2015. During this program I have been assigned Two Business Mentors to help me put together a Winning Business Plan to present to Angel Investors with the potential of someone Investing in my Business. I am allowing my Mentors, to help me with developing my Business Plan for my NonProfit Organization. One of my Mentor’s has already put me to work and he told me recently to start thinking about a building and how much I will need for a building. When he said that to me… I thought to myself: A building? You want me to think about that now? Ha. I was like I know I am going to need one but I thought that would come later... like you know a couple years down the road… Lol. That thinking was so very small!!! Goodbye to that thinking! HELLO to THINKING BIG AND SEEING BIG THINGS HAPPEN by FAITH! The more I am working with him and writing down every idea that comes to me… it’s growing and growing and I can see it flourishing… and I’m getting excited and I'm like Lord this is BIG. Like how am I going to do this…? Your not... you are going to do it THROUGH Christ! When I am weak, He is STRONG. Nothing is impossible.

Someone left this comment on my video on YouTube that encouraged me this morning: 

My charge for the New Year is to BE CONSISTENT and STAY TRUE to who I am.

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GoodBye 2014