It's Friday the 13th

It's Friday the 13th.... BOO. Are you scared? 

From as long as I can remember many people had this perception of what Friday the 13th would be like. Most everyone I knew thought if a Friday landed on the 13th it’s going to be a bad day.

Some people are so nervous about the day. They don’t do much on the day to eliminate the chance of something negative happening to them on that day. That’s no way to live. These type people would instill fear in themselves believing that Friday the 13th will be a bad day. They believed it.

Growing up around these type people. I found myself living in fear of Friday the 13th. Thinking nothing good will come out of that day. I would look for something negative to happen to me on that day. A few years ago, I thought it was just stupid to think like that and so I removed that fear of a Friday falling on the 13th. Just like that I had no more fear of my Friday’s falling on the 13th.

Which brought me to this conclusion. If you believe that something will happen it will. So, if you fear negative things will happen and believe that they will happen to you or that nothing will ever be right in your life. Then you will probably receive every negative thought you have about your life. 

Scripture says: If you believe, you will receive.

If you are going to believe that negative will happen to you. Then you shall receive what you believe. If you are going to believe for the best life has to offer. Then you shall receive what you believe.

What are you BELIEVING today? What are you LOOKING for to happen to you today? If it’s negative. I challenge you to change YOUR thought process on what can happen for YOU and in the life of your family and turn it to something GOOD. 

Think GOD. Believe RIGHT. Believe GOD. Believe GOOD THINGS. Receive GOD. Believe that God LOVES you and wants you to have a prosperous life. Believe God HEARS your prayer requests and will answer them. BELIEVE. 

Kenneth Hagin said: "If you're going to keep saying your faith
 isn't working, you're taking sides against the Word;
 you're not walking by FAITH.
 You're not believing you have received. 
You're believing you didn't receive and that is what undoes your prayer."

It’s time for us to start taking GOD at His word and have FAITH & BELIEVE His word for His word does not return to us void.

Prayer Today:

Father, we come to you today to heal us from believing the wrong things. Heal us from thinking nothing good will happen to us. Heal us of our unbelief. Wash away all of our doubts, fears and insecurities. Let this day be a GREAT day. In Jesus Name. Amen.