Laundry Day

My Last Apartment - Laundry Room - Oh How I miss thee! 

Today was Laundry Day!

In my quest to reduce expenses to be able to take care of my kid and start my business, etc. I moved into an One Bedroom Apartment in Feb 2013 and it did not come equipped with a washer and dryer connection. So, over the last 2 years I have had the great pleasure in going to the laundry mat to wash clothes. Yes, it's been so much fun... especially when it's freezing cold and/or raining outside. I can't tell you the JOY it has been. Anyone else out there... that goes to the Laundry Mat? Oh come on, raise your hand. Isn't it fun!? Lol. 

The thing about going to the Laundry Mat is you have to know the schedule of the Laundry Mat. That's if you expect to wash your clothes and get out of there at a decent time. Sunday's are typically the only day of the week most people have off; therefore, it's the WORST day in my neighborhood to go to the Laundry Mat because everyone and their Momma is doing laundry. 

Here are the positives from going to the Laundry Mat: 
You meet new people. 
You get to know those in your community. 
It humbles you. 
You can wash/dry more than one load at a time. 
They have games, massage chairs, TV, snacks, drinks to keep you entertained. 
Some even have a car washing center; so you can take care of two things at once. 
Oh and did I say it humbles you!

Today, was my Laundry day because I had a hectic week and it was the only day I had available. When I have to go to the Laundry Mat on a Sunday; I typically go EARLY morning to beat some of the Sunday traffic. Today, I had four large loads.... Yeah, it's been awhile since I have done laundry! A girl has been BUSY! However, when I went to go check on my clothes I noticed one load was missing from the dryer. Like gone and someone else's clothes was in there... I thought: Um, where the heck is my clothes? Did one of these people move my clothes? Where is my clothes?  So, I looked around... like ah where did my clothes go? Did someone take them out and trash them? Did someone steal them? Where are my clothes? I've never had a problem like this before. So I calmly looked around to see if I saw any abandon clothes anywhere. Didn't see any... so where are my clothes? Like seriously? Where are thou? 

Before I started questioning folks around me and making a scene. I composed myself. I thought of the scripture James 1:19... Be slow to speak; be slow to become angry. Be slow to speak; be slow to become angry. Then I thought is the enemy messing with me? Like he has nothing better to do then to find the smallest things to mess with me about... like seriously, where are my clothes? 

So while I calmly took out my blankets from the dryer that had just stopped and fold them. I stood there thinking where are my clothes? I don't want to make a scene but where are my clothes? Then, I heard a voice saying go ask the women who works there... if they had move my clothes. So, I proceeded to walk to where they were and asked: Did anyone of you moved clothes out of the dryer? The lady responded: Yes, they're back here. 

Sigh of relief. Thanks Lord. Then I saw they had several other bags of clothes back there. Apparently, I wasn't fast enough today in taking my clothes out of the dryer; when it had stopped and there were no empty ones and others were waiting. So they took my clothes out the dryer. So I said: Thank You and took my clothes. 

Now had I made a scene I would have looked like the fool! Lol. So, I am Thankful that I remained calm and reminded myself that I should be Slow to Speak and Slow to become Angry. 

Many times in life. I have realized more than once it's always important to be Slow to Listen, Slow to Speak and Slow to become Angry because if you don't you may jump to conclusions and end up looking a fool and then would have to go back and apologize. 

This is also why it's important to have scriptures embedded in your heart because when you need them... you will have them to PULL out to keep you from the looking the fool! Like Bobo the clown! Lol.  

I am very Thankful that I will be moving next month into a Two Bedroom Apartment (still on a tight budget) that will come equipped with a Laundry area with machines for me to do Laundry at home. Praise the Lord because it's been a REAL struggle trying to do laundry lately with my schedule! I need a Maid/Nanny/Chef/Driver/Clone, etc. Lol. For real tho; however, we must be Thankful in ALL things! Small, Medium or Big. Be Thankful. It's all about OUR perspective.  

So as you go about your week: Be slow to Listen. Be slow to Speak. Be slow to become Angry. 

PS. Happy Palm Sunday. Blessed is He who comes in the name of the Lord. Hosanna in the Highest.