Speak Life

For Black History month I highlighted certain African American people and certain historical facts about my hometown (Charleston, SC) on my Instagram and Google + page... what I notice was although I gain a few new followers I lost some as well. I thought.... did they not like me posting about Black History? Interesting, I took notice and kept it moving.

I think it's troublesome that some in our society don't want us to speak about our past or talk about the issues that are so prevalent in our society today. Some would rather us keep quiet and live as if there are no issues. The problem with that is our lives begin to end the day we become silent about the things that matter. We matter. All human beings matter. No matter what the color of our skin. We matter. Our history, our culture, our present, our future matters. So NO we cannot be silent on the things that matter.

Over the last few years, I have realized that sometimes certain people they won't call you out of your name but the way they treat you versus someone of their own color. It will show you how much they REALLY value you and what they think of you deep down inside.

What I have seen in our communities is that too many blacks just accept what's given to them as life. Like it's okay to be treated in such ways. Like it's okay to just settle for less than going out for more. Like we need to be happy by what is given to us, etc.

BUT it's not okay to be treated less than another person of a different race. We should all be treated as equal regardless of the color of our skin. We should all have the same rights, regardless of the color of our skin. The same opportunities, regardless of the color of our skin. The same pay, regardless of the color of our skin. In our businesses we should receive the profit that we have earned for our services and products, regardless of the color of our skin.

In our communities, there is a lot of crimes and heartbreaking scenarios. What has happened? I believe the structure in our community is gone. The leaders are gone. Many people have this mentality that if it's not bothering them; they are not interested. Gone are the days when people really cared about their local community. Nowadays, it seems everyone wants to be rich and famous and for the world to know their name. They frown upon being a Community Leader because that's too low of a profile. Gone are the days it seems, when people would be BRAVE and really stand up for what they truly believed in. Gone are the days it seems when people cared enough to teach and encourage others. Now they retain their knowledge because they look at the youth as their competition and without guidance the people perish.

I want people to come together and support and encourage each other to attain more. Go after more. Be more. SPEAK LIFE into each others lives. If you see a problem in your community and you have the smarts and the know how to solve it. Fix it.

People can't fix something they don't know how to fix. So, if you see a broken community do what you know to do and try to improve it. All it takes is ONE VOICE. Be that VOICE in your community SPEAK LIFE. If we want our people to be better and do better. We have to help them.

Whenever, I speak with young men and women. I can see the hunger in their eyes. They desire the knowledge that we have. HELP them. SHARE with them. TEACH them. SPEAK LIFE into them. ENCOURAGE them. They need us. The YOUTH are our future... if we don't SPEAK LIFE into them.... they will perish!