Evolution of Life

Hey loves.  

This is just a note to say hello. I know this year seems to be weird. Coasta doesn’t post like she use to. ;-) Initially, I had plan to take the first half of this year off from Social Media to focus on my schooling and Entrepreneur endeavors because I knew it would be a lot to focus on.... while maintaining a full time job and being a Single Mother. However, I didn’t want to leave you all hanging because when I do people tend to think something is wrong... they send me messages are you okay? So, I decided against it but as you can see I don’t post like I use to in Social Media world. So, I realized I should have stuck to my original plan.

In my world, there is a lot going on and my life is always changing. These days changing for the better. I am in a different place then before; before, I thought I had an idea of what I wanted to do with my life but now everything that I am doing challenges those thoughts. Now I am walking in unknown territory and doing things that I never really thought I would be doing or ever even imagined I would be doing to some degree.

When I look at my life now. I ask myself if I wasn't where I am now what would I be doing with my life? Where would I be? I honestly don't know. I can't truly answer that question because I really don't know where I would be or what I would be doing.

A few years ago someone asked me: "Coasta what is it that you like to do?"

My response: I like helping people but there is no money in that.  ;-)

Helping people is truly my life's mission. I love helping people. I do it all the time it comes natural to me. It is a part of who I am but when I thought there isn't any money in helping people. I was thinking I couldn't earn a living helping people. So I must stay on someone's job to earn a living.

My how wrong was my thinking. What I have since realize is that every day we are helping people. Any job we have and do we are helping people just in different ways.

Teachers teach helping us to learn new things and to be great people in our respective field. Doctors help keep us alive. Authors write books to help inspire us, to teach us new things, to help us become better individuals and to bring excitement to our lives. Entertainers help us by providing entertainment for us... by creating music, playing a part in a show/film/play, etc.  Personal trainers help us with our health and our appearance. Starbucks help people have their morning coffee. Fast food restaurants help people eat on the go. Nannies help busy parents take care of their children. Good Police officers help keep us safe by picking up the criminals off the streets. Hair stylists help us care for our hair. Makeup artists help us feel and look pretty. Fashion designers design clothing providing us with clothing to wear; helping us to not have to walk around naked, in most cases. 

I could go on and on... explaining how every job we do is helping someone. So I realized that I too can earn a living helping people. It's how I have been making a living since I started working at 15 years of age; where I had a summer job building computers. Before then I worked as a babysitter, caring for others children so they could attend school and/or go to work.

So you see... no matter what we do. We can earn a living helping people. So now that I understand that. I am on a journey to help others have a fulfilled life a life that Jesus Christ came to give us all. On this quest for greater, greater understanding, greater knowledge: I have been extremely busy trying to learn, study and research all that I need to know and do... to do things correctly and be effective in my life's mission.

I have felt some pressure lately to keep up and do things in a hastily manner and that's not me. I don't want to be rushed in doing anything but always Spirit led. I have also learned from experience and other Entrepreneurs that you must know when you need to take a step back because it is okay to do so. It is a part of learning and growing and knowing what works for you and what doesn't and most successful Entrepreneurs didn't get where they are overnight but it was a process that took time and lots of preparation. 

So, I am going to sign off by saying that for the next few months or the rest of the year. I will post here and there on my Social Media profiles and I'm just going to focus on all that I need to focus on because it is a whole lot of stuff that truly needs my undivided attention. So that in my future I can be better and do things better and be more effective in all my endeavors. So I apologize in advance for my lack of postings. May God give you the wisdom to understand and may God Bless you all immensely. 

"At the point in life where your talents meet the needs of the world is where God wants you to be." Albert Schweitzer