KEY: Knowledge Empowers You

Some view college as not being important but having an education is VERY important. Many people are very successful without a college degree. Even you may find that for your line of work, you do not need a College degree to be successful; however, you do need knowledge to be successful.

Knowledge is define as the facts, information, and skills acquired by a person through experience or education; the theoretical or practical understanding of a subject.

Life is a learning process and in order to know better we have to learn better. The more we learn the more we know. The more we experience the more we know. When we know better we do better. You may have special gifts and or talents that you were born with but to be a success with that gift; you have to learn how to use that gift. You have to learn the ends and outs of that particular field. So you study. You research. You take seminars, webinars, attend conferences, read books, etc. You practice and you do. In doing all of that you EDUCATED yourself about your field. So you can know more because when you know more; you can be more and achieve more. So yes, you may not have a college degree but you understand that you have to know what you are doing in order to be a success in your field.

“The minute I dropped out I could stop taking the required classes that didn’t interest me, and begin dropping in on the ones that looked interesting.” – Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs may have dropped out of college but one thing Steve Jobs didn’t do was stop learning. He had the wisdom to know that he must understand his industry to know the ends and outs of it to make his products. Those who work for Apple have degrees and are experts in their field. So though you may not need a college degree to be successful in life; you do need to have KNOWLEDGE.

“I advise students to study subjects in which they have the most passion. They must have the discipline to complete their bachelor’s degree from any good school—not overpriced elite institutions that will burden them with debt and limit their life options. With a bachelor’s degree, they gain valuable social skills, learn how to interact and work with others, how to compromise, and how to deal with rejection and failure. Most importantly, they learn what it is that they don’t know and where to find this knowledge when they need it.” Vivek Wadhwa

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My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge... Hosea 4:6