Why are Beautiful Women Single?

Why are beautiful women single?

It’s the question people tend to ask a lot. They see someone who seems to have it all together and takes care of themselves properly and attractive but they are single and they don’t understand it.

They say: They must be crazy.

I can’t tell you how many times I have heard: I can’t believe you are single.

I’ve heard it so much: It’s annoying.

I often respond back sometimes: I can’t believe it either. Lol.

I don’t know why other women are single because I don’t know them personally and I don’t know what they think.

BUT I can speak for myself.

When I started dating. I had no guidance. Nothing. I just went out there experimenting. Then things happened to me and I lost a sense of care and I didn’t value myself like I should have. My self-esteem was very low and I accepted anything to some degree from a man.

As I grew older and after my divorce. I started to pull myself together, I started to build up my self-esteem and I learned who I was and what I wanted from a man and from a relationship. 

A little over a year after my divorce, I began this sexual romance with this guy and he was all around a great guy but he didn’t want to be in a relationship. He just wanted to be sexually involved. So I ended it because I wanted more.

Later that year, I started dating someone else and after a while he seemed perfect for me and we had good vibes. Then he broke up with me for what he said was a fear of me breaking up with him because of my beauty. He thought that I would treat him like his ex who was also beautiful but dumped him when someone else came along.

I am not that type of person but he didn’t really know me. So he went off a perception of what another female had done to him. That break up, left me shattered and it caused me to be even more careful with men. After that breakup, I vowed to not give up the panties anymore until I was legally wed.  So I have been clean (no sex) for over 2 years!! It’s hard but worth it to me. That guy has since try to win me back in his own ways but I’m over him and that relationship.

I dated a guy a year and a half later briefly. He thought I would make a good wife and we discussed marriage but because of a health condition that relationship ended.  (Details about that health condition will be in my book Ms Goody Two Shoes!)

I still have hopes to get married to my King, the one, whom I would love forever and ever but I’m not pressed about being with just anyone.

There was a time in my life it seems that I was always involved with someone. I mean always and those little situations were not always good. My friend once said I was always in a relationship because I didn’t like being alone. I would tell him: I don’t mind being alone. I’m alone all the time. Then one day within the last two or three years. I remembered having a really bad day and wanting someone to talk to and I said out loud: See this is why I need a boyfriend because then I would have someone to talk to.

As soon as I said that: I was like oooh. My friend was right. I didn’t like being alone and I would have a little boyfriend to prevent from being alone. Even if they were not right for me, someone was there when I needed to vent. Yikes, that is so not healthy!

Now that I am older and wiser. I don’t want someone just so I can have someone to talk to in my weak moments. I want a Goldy Man, a man of substance and of value.

I don’t want a man just to say I have a man and I don’t need anyone to validate who I am and my position in this world.

In this phase of my life, I am also focused on accomplishing my life’s mission. I wasn’t before. Now I know what it is I want to accomplish in life and I am FOCUSED on accomplishing my goals. Don’t need NO distractions.

If a man happens to come along and not distract me from my mission. I’ll be all game but if I see him as a distraction. I want no parts of him.

When guys approach me these days. I usually get a feeling in my spirit if I should pursue his lead or not.  It happens a lot more than it used to or perhaps I’m just more aware of those intuitions than I was before. They were times in the past when I knew a guy was all wrong for me but because of my low self-esteem and my optimistic self. I gave them the benefit of the doubt and ignored my intuition BUT honey I’ve had too many Mr. Wrongs that I do not ignore those feelings ANYMORE. I live by them.

I am also set on not having premarital sex and men that do come around tend to want that sexual romance. They don’t want a relationship, they just want the sex. I’m not in that place in my life anymore. I love sex, sex is great when done right but I’m not engaging into that activity until I am legally wed.

So for me I am single because I am Single. It’s not because I’m crazy and can’t keep a man. Far from that. I know who I am now and what I bring to the table. I don’t have to settle for less than what I deserve.

So I will remain single until my King arrives BECAUSE I am okay with being single BECAUSE I know who I AM and I AM confident in who I AM and I can still enjoy life; regardless of my marital status. A man does not define my worth!