Gluten-Free? Anyone?

Delicious Gluten-Free Breakfast at Denny's! I actually liked the Gluten-free muffin a lot better than the original ones!
A few weekends ago... I attended this Gluten Free Expo to learn more about Gluten-Free food choices.

For Health reasons, I am now eating 100% Gluten-Free. Since my diet is still so fresh to me and I didn't know what's all out there. When I saw the Sponsored advertisement on Facebook about the upcoming Gluten Free Expo in my area. I said why not attend because I needed to know what's out there and how to do this Gluten Free living stress-free. :)

Well let me tell you giving up Gluten in the beginning is HARD !!!! Like super hard especially if you like to cook or if you are one to purchase process foods! It's hard! BUT the benefits of giving up the Gluten is to actually feel a lot better. So it has it's perks and for that it's worth it! When I eat something that has Gluten in it... oh, I will know quickly. I will have some type of reaction to it. It's the craziest thing in my mind to go from eating this your whole life and to take it away and when re-introducing it to your body. Your body rejects it. Those rejections aren't cute either. So it's been what's been keeping me on a straight and narrow path. :)

By attending this Expo, I was able to do a lot of sampling! Which I loved because then I didn't have to waste money on products I didn't like. As this Gluten-free living does cost a bit more !! Can't afford to waste funds on nasty food.

Everything I tried at the Expo was pretty good. Like amazingly good. I was pretty shocked and Thankful because now I felt that I can really transition into this new life well. The other thing that struck out to me was... I didn't eat anything before attending the expo and normally I would not eat that type of variety of food altogether on an empty stomach because it would upset it. However, that was not the case at the expo. I tried a variety of food and my tummy did not cause any issues. I was really surprised.

The funny thing about Gluten is... it's not just in our foods but in so many products we use daily. What a transformation this will be... here are some items I purchased from the Expo.

I had the pleasure of meeting this Author of this Cookbook and I look forward to learning how to form my basic recipes from this book!

I wish they sold slices of bread in packages of two for people like me. Who don't usually eat a whole loaf of bread before it expires and grow mold! This would be perfect for me. This brand of bread was actually pretty good! 

I tried the Swerve sugar in my Tea and I am not a fan of that Sugar.... it made me want to Swerve the other way. Lol. No seriously. I did not like it. The cookies... the chocolate chip was good.. it took me a minute to get adjusted to the taste but it wasn't bad. I just prefer my choc chip cookies right out of the oven... So I will have to find a recipe for that. 

I haven't used the pancake mix yet but tried a sample and it was good. Now that lil package of cake in a mug. I tried a lemon cake made by this company Abundant love and it was to die for... it was delicious. I was surprised because most gluten-free cakes I have tried were not too good and that one was. 

Love the BBQ sauce and so did my kid! :) 

Haven't tried this yet... but looking forward to testing it out. 

So CHEERS to continuing on this journey and trying new things and new recipes! Thankfully eating Gluten-Free is becoming more popular which is causing more products to rise up on the shelves and has allowed some pricing to go down. Yay!!

You can find Gluten-free products now at most Grocery stores... some more than others. You can also look up your favorite restaurant and check out their menu for Gluten-Free food choices before going. The choices are out there! :)

Love, Peace & Christ