What to Pray?

So now you know the importance of prayer, why, when, how and where to pray… now what should you pray?

Plain and simple… pray about everything that concerns you no matter what it is. Let your requests be made known to God. When you do God will give you guidance, Heal you, comfort you and give you His peace over your circumstances. We also pray to give God Thanks for all that He is. Prayer is where all true worship begins. When you don’t know what to pray about pray in the spirit (your prayer language); in fact, even when you do know what to pray. You should still pray in your prayer language often. When you get in a habit of praying the moment you stop praying… you will feel it… you won’t have the peace you had when you prayed consistently. So let’s pray daily about all that concerns us, pray for our friends/family/nation, etc.  Let’s pray.