When to Pray

Many wonder when is the right time to pray? Most people suggest getting up early in the morning to pray, to start your day.

Scripture tells us to “pray without ceasing”  1 Thessalonians 5:17 which means to always pray. In the good times and the bad times, you must pray. For some that's hard to do, for others it’s a piece of cake. Most people only pray in bad times; when life is a breeze they don’t stop to pray. They carry on enjoying their moment and then when life gets tough again… they come crying (praying) to God for help and asking others to pray for them. To pray without ceasing (stopping) is when you are so in tune with your life and know who your strength is; that you are in constant communication with Him/God because you know without Him… you are nothing.

Personally, I pray without ceasing. Sometimes I felt like I wasn’t really praying but after observing myself. I realized I pray all the time that it doesn’t feel like prayer because I’m always in constant communication with our Father. I’m always talking to Him about something; literally, always praying.

I pray in the mornings before leaving the house, I pray in the car while taking my son to school and driving to work, I pray right before I go into the office at work (gotta pray for strength to make it through the day), I pray throughout the day while at work (for self-control), I find myself praying on my way to pick up my son, I pray before I respond to someone who may have irked my nerves, I pray in the evenings and so forth. I realize I pray all the time. The reason I was thinking that I didn’t pray was because sometimes they are not long drawn out prayers. They are mostly short prayers.
Really long prayers are something that I don’t do all the time. Those type of prayers are not always daily because when I do those type of prayers. I typically pray and worship for 2-3 hours straight. So I do not do those type of prayers daily.

In scripture, you read David prayed three times a day evening, morning and at noon. Psalm 55:17

So when you pray… it’s when you feel you should pray and if you don’t feel you should pray… you should pray. For some rising early in the morning is the best time for them to pray; for others, it’s during the day; for some others, it’s in the evening. When you pray is when you pray. Just make it a point to pray daily.